A highlight of Alumni Weekend 2013 at the University of  California, Santa Cruz will be a dinner on Saturday, April 27 (6 pm, at the University Center) to honor Dr. J. Herman Blake for his myriad contributions to UCSC and for his tremendous impact on the education and lives of generations of students.  Blake was professor of Sociology from 1966, and founding Provost of Oakes College from 1972 to 1984.  In these and other roles (e.g. as creator of the Cowell Extra Mural Program, which sent students to serve and study in low-income communities), he made UCSC more inclusive and innovative, facilitating open dialogue and meaningful exchange of experiences between people from vastly different backgrounds. His distinctive teaching and mentorship transformed students, and led us to pursue careers guided by values of sensitivity and service.

please click here to send a tribute  Tributes received by April 25th will be printed and included in the Tribute Book to be presented to Prof. Blake at the dinner on April 27