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The dinner honoring Dr. J. Herman Blake will be held during Alumni Weekend on Saturday evening, April 27th, 2013 at the University Center, UCSC, on the second floor of the College Nine/Ten Dining Commons.

The Friends of Dr. J. Herman Blake Committee, which is organizing the event, extends an invitation to all alumni, current UCSC students, University administration, faculty and staff, professional associates and friends of Dr. Blake whose lives were touched – and in many instances, changed – by him.   The event is being organized by former students to honor Herman as professor, mentor, and colleague, and to thank him for his immense heart, intellect, and passionate commitment to education in the broadest sense of the term.

Please join us.  We would love to see you there.  More importantly, Herman will be delighted by your presence.  please click here to send a tribute

The tribute dinner has reached capacity!  Many thanks for your show of support for Herman.

May the Circle Be Unbroken

Dr. J. Herman Blake deeply touched thousands of people’s lives during his tenure at UCSC.  He not only touched lives, but changed them.  He was renowned by students as a gifted, moving lecturer.  He was also universally admired as a great listener.  He was respected by colleagues and staff at Santa Cruz, and by other educators, community activists, and everyday citizens he reached out to across the country.

In his time at Santa Cruz, Herman was both an anchor and buoy for students of color and those from working class backgrounds, as well as a beacon and inspiration for students from more privileged backgrounds.  He was devoted to inclusion and equality for everyone, most especially to ensure that students of color could realize their hope for a quality education, one that would assure them the opportunity to achieve their dreams.  In counterpoint, he once remarked to students doing community service in low-income communities across the country that one of the main goals of the program was to provide an experience they would never forget, one that would never allow them in their lives to look dispassionately on those less privileged.

It is fitting that Dr. J. Herman Blake be honored.  It is appropriate that the grace with which he so naturally touched people’s lives be an opportunity for everyone to acknowledge the great good fortune they feel in knowing him.  Most especially, it is important that Herman experience this expression of gratitude first-hand for the countless ways – large and small – that he has made an indelible difference in the world.

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