a tribute from Gwen Lacy

I was fortunate to have been a staff member at College 7, Oakes College, through Herman Blake’s years as Provost. He was a powerful presence in the college,  guiding students, faculty and staff in our common goals, forming a community of diverse individuals dedicated to these goals.  He broadened our ways of seeing and being, inspiring and motivating us.  It was not an easy time those early years, but when problems occurred he found ways to solve them, listening to and focusing on the needs and ideas of people involved.  He founded innovative methods of teaching, held faculty meetings and retreats focused on pedagogy.  In attending these I was inspired by the possibilities he opened up and by how much he cared about opening the way to the future for our students. He is a great teacher, not just in class, but in every way.

After he left Oakes he gained more and more well deserved honors  for what he is doing to make the world a better place, inspiring and motivating others as he had done at Oakes.

Gwen Lacy