a tribute by Renee Kasinsky

Quite by coincidence, I was thinking of you today, googled your name and found out that you are being honored by your former students. In many ways I am probably one of your oldest students of life other than your daughters and maybe your brother Sidney. I will always cherish your generous support and attention you gave me in my Berkeley graduate days back in the early 60s.

I loved talking with you about everything under the sun, zooming around with you on your Honda to anti-poverty conferences, meeting you at Sociology conferences. I’ll never forget meeting with the Washington “anti-riot” commission and your strong testimony on behalf of Huey P. Newton. You were always so frank and such a good champion of the underdog. A great model and inspiration to me.

I’ll always remember our trip together to Big Sur in 1965 and the beautifully illustrated book you sent me of Big Sur, “not Man Apart” which implored my spirit to remain free and soar like the noble eagle.

Your spirit has always soared to great heights and you have always helped others to be their best selves. When times are tough, I always hear you say, “keep on keeping on”.
I wish I could be present at this celebration of you and meet your family. I will always love you.

Renee Kasinsky