a tribute by Thomas C. Barnwell, Jr.

I met Herman while serving on the Board of Trustees of Penn Center in the late 1960’s and early 70’s.   Herman, also on the board, brought a great reservoir of history, culture, education and community involvement.  He provided a high level of academic credibility that was critical to the board  in its relationship with foundations who were considering funding projects.

Herman was instrumental in involving college students in community projects giving them hands-on experience along side the lay and professional staff; an opportunity which is so important for the education of students.  They worked with community cooperatives, rural health care, and many other community projects around the country.

Dr. Blake and the many students have made major positive improvements in the delivery of professional service.  For that we thank Herman and the students.

I am honored to have had a the privilege to work with Herman at Penn Center.

Thomas C. Barnwell, Jr.
Life Member, Penn Center Board of Trustees