a tribute by Darlene Shaw

Dear Herman,

You may recall that a few years back there was a national search for the Associate Provost position at MUSC, and I was eager to have the leadership opportunity. Although my credentials were strong, I felt intimidated by the selection process… a bad case of nerves might be a more apt description.  Although you had had only a few interactions with me, you invited me to meet and to this day, I clearly remember our discussion in your office in Colcock Hall.    I could not have asked for more sage advice, including your pointing me in the direction of a body of literature Emily wrote.   Your advice helped to clarify my vision for the position and informed my “job talk”.   Thanks, in part, to you I was selected for my dream job and love it every day.  I am most grateful and will always remember your kindness and wisdom!  I am certain I am only one of countless people whose lives you have touched in similar ways. Congratulations on your richly- deserved recognition at UCSC!

Warmest regards,

Darlene Shaw

Darlene Shaw, PhD
Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Associate Provost for Educational Affairs and Student Life
Licensed Clinical Psychologist