a tribute from David Romero

It is important to note sometimes you do not realize the impact and the imprint some people have in your life until after many years have passed.  I had the honor of working for Dr. Blake as a undergraduate student coordinator for an Iowa State University student support group called the A-Society.  The opportunity Dr. Blake gave me to lead this program as a undergraduate had such a profound impact in my decision to continue pursing a Master’s degree in higher education.

His mentorship, patience, kindness, and dedication for student success made it possible for me and other students to push through when things got tough.  His presence brought me great confidence and his advice much needed wisdom to get through different issues.

There is something about Dr. Blake that anytime you speak with him you feel you are in the presence of somebody who will listen to you and truly care about you as a person.  His ability to motivate and inspire academic success is exceptional.

Thank you for all you have done to impact and place an imprint in many lives.  The precious time you have spent with each student has had a profound impact that continues to have a ripple effect in some many levels.

Thank you Dr. Blake for your time, dedication, and perseverance.

David Romero
Student Program Coordinator
Science Bound
Iowa State University