This moment’s memories – contributed by Alan Fisher

The Cowell College Extramural Education Program program began to develop in the academic year 1967-68.  As Frank Smith says in his November 13 tribute, the program was a wonderful educational program for Cowell students and (hopefully) a real service to folks in the communities served.

The first students went to Daufuskie in the Spring Quarter of 1968.  It was to be Mike Frado and Doug Brown but Mike had an accident.  So, I went as the alternate.  We stayed with Ms. Viola Bryan.

Herman had roots in the Sea Islands but he may have also done some work for HUD or HHS analyzing programs there.  The other locations where students were sent – Richmond, Ceres (near Modesto) – I think he had done program evaluations and knew folks.  The site in Richmond was at Neighborhood House. The program expanded further into Beaufort County after some of the students met Dr. Gatch, who headed a clinic serving poor people there.

I think the second set of students who went to Daufuskie were Larry Robinson and Randy Rice.  Randy and I taught a class for students who were interested in going out on the CEEP in (I think) Winter quarter 1969.

I was hired in the Fall of 1970 to coordinate the program under Herman’s supervision.  I worked at the job through the Spring quarter of 1972.  I did administrative work, taught a preparatory and returning class, and visited the projects.  Sabra Slaughter then became coordinator and Donna Healey may have also.

(As a side note, the author Pat Conroy was a teacher in the two room school on Daufuskie a year or two after I left.  His first book, the River is Wide, was about that experience.)


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